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Introducing the LED HID Range from Fusion Lamps: a comprehensive selection of lighting solutions designed to provide enhanced energy efficiency lighting. Take the product 85W LED HID as an example, which shows a huge energy efficiency gain against traditional counterparts like the 400W HID & Control Gear [45W]. Over a span of 25,000 hours, the 85W LED HID can potentially save users up to 1,863.00 kgCO2e in carbon emissions. This translates to significant financial savings as well, amounting up to £2,520.00 over the same period.

With a lamp life of 25,000 hours, the LED HID range proves to be a durable and reliable alternative to HID lamps, making it an ideal replacement choice for those seeking to upgrade their systems to a more energy efficient lighting options.

For those interested in acquiring these innovative lighting solutions, Fusion Lamps' LED HID range is available for purchase through CEF.co.uk on the link below and throughout the CEF Branch network.